Within an hour of my plane landing I was sweltering in a crowded bus headed into downtown Bangkok. Only four hours on a plane and I was in a place that doesn’t know cold. My body had been adapting to winter at a natural, gradual pace as the Pacific Northwest gently moved away from the … Continue reading Bangkok


The cheapest route I could find to Asia was a nonstop flight from Seattle to Shanghai. On the day of my departure my mother drove me to the subway station. We hugged and then I turned and began my day-long journey to China. I didn’t sleep at all during the 11-hour flight. After we landed, … Continue reading Shanghai


My landlord said that I’m not allowed to be on the roof of the apartment building. She said it’s a liability for the building because there are no railings up there. She lives right next door to me in 301, so if I were to break her rule, she would hear my footsteps through her … Continue reading Doored!