Writer’s Statement

Since 2012, I’ve kept journals chronicling my travels in the U.S.A and abroad. This practice of on-the-go observation formed the basis of my style: detached, unsentimental, but not cold. I like to incorporate moments of poetic improvisation to help paint pictures in peoples’ heads. 

I view writing as an art form that can be a reprieve from morality– to look without fear, to write what I see and feel with an unflinching pen. Nothing sacred, nothing boring. Dwelling in contradictions. My work is primarily about limitations; limitations of fear, the body, love, class, money, and geography. 

It is tough, I think, to be a sensitive person in America. I want my voice to offer kinship to those who feel a similar sense of exasperation and bewilderment.

Travel Essays

I keep a journal when I travel. These essays are an attempt to translate rough journal entries into coherent tales of adventure. Names are changed to protect identities.

Short Fiction

Realities outside my own are explored in short stories.